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The Beautiful Art of Healing — Reiki

13th Январь 2013

  Healing effect: healing music for reiki, soothing, relax, stress relief.   36 minutes of Reiki music perfect for healing and treatment, with bells every 3 minutes for position changes. FREE limited time BONUS with track download: 12 minutes of Reiki music with bells every one minutes for self healing.        

Echad — Chakra Massage

11th Январь 2013

Healing effect: healing music for chakras, chakra massage.   Each Chakra Massage song is made in the corresponding tune (frequency range) that it is designed to promote. The intent is to ease transformation and expansion. The main point is not to “tune” a chakra in that sense, but rather to get the energies going. When one chakra starts resonating the others will follow. Tuning the chakras gives a short lived effect due to the environment in which most people live; electric appliances,... 

Liquid Bloom — Shaman’s Eye: Healing Rhythms for Trance Meditation

10th Январь 2013

Healing effect: spiritual healing music, Self-realizations. Throughout human history and across most native traditions, constant repetitive rhythms and the steady drone of chanting have carried shamans and other spiritual seekers into other dimensions in ecstatic trance. Even today, this music, as ancient as the rocks and wind, provides sacred transport to higher states of well-being and bliss. Attaining the Shante Ishta is the goal of this journey. This is the “single eye of the heart,»... 


8th Январь 2013

Healing effect: healing, soothing, relaxation music. Beyond the sky, you will see your original self. The quiet sound of the piano is truly celestial, folded into the strings melodies and with colorful sounds of the waves and birds. Relax and leave yourself to comfort.        

Peter Davison — Yoga

8th Январь 2013

Healing effect: healing and soothing music for yoga. Created to inspire your yoga practice, this special collection is offered in the healing music spirit in which it was created. Yoga music for life. Perfect for private practice or class use.        

Classic Mandalas

MANDALA — a concentric diagram that is used in the rituals of Hindu tantra and vajrayana mind to focus on space and individual mental energies.

The mandala symbolizes the habitat of deities, Buddha pure lands. In principle, the mandala — a symbol of the geometric structure of the complex, which is interpreted as a model of the universe, «the card space.» A typical form — the outer circle inscribed in a square, which is inscribed in the inner circle, which is often segmented, or has the shape of a lotus. The outer circle — the universe, the inner circle — a measurement of the deities, bodhisattvas, buddhas. The square between them is focused on the sides of the world.

YANTRA — the symbolic images of power structures of various deities, they are seen as wise. This means that each yantra is present to define a deity or power. During meditation, yantra is filled with energy.

Mandala or Yantra — an ancient magical resonator existing from time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and other countries. It acts as a psychophysiological level, changing the electrical activity of the brain, and the level of psycho-energetics, creating a powerful biological information field. These fields can be curative, protective, activating, harmonizing nature, to be tuned to a specific person or place.  Mandala shop

As a tool, yantra is used to divert attention from the outside world and its direction on the inner world, which helps yoga enter into an altered state of consciousness.
The contemplation of yantras operates simultaneously both hemispheres of the brain. Each yantra translates your specific information and energy flow. For the contemplation of yantras should:

1.       Place a yantra at their faces, that angle was slightly below eye level
2.       Take it from a distance of one to five feet
3.       Take a comfortable position
4.       Relax
5.       Realize yourself «here and now»
6.       Eliminate interest in anything other than the
7.       Monitor the accuracy of breath
8.       Defocused eyes behold the yantra



Shri Yantra


Ganesh Yantra


Durga Yantra


Kali Yantra


Tara Yantra


Bhairavi Yantra




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Boetie, once more your musings amuse me. Indeed, they cclrie and spiral like the smoke from a caterpillar’s hookah, dream-like and evading complete capture. Since the mandala is a cclrie that reminds us of our relationship to the infinite and is used for meditation so we can retreat into a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness , perhaps a drag on a hookah is exactly the same?On the other hand, labyrinths are a type of mandala used as a tool for centering , which seems altogether more focused

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