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Bhairavi Yantra


Represents the Divine Mother, penetrating a 3 plane of existence: physical, astral, heavenly.

Destroys 9 defilements of the mind:    More…

Tara Yantra


Tara takes a person through the ocean of relative existence (samsara). She is the embodiment of emotions and speech. Worship it eliminates the problems associated with water. Associated with cvadhistana-chakra. Siddhi of Tara may occur due to only one mention of it with a genuine faith.    More…

Kali Yantra


Kali frees from the fear of death (the underlying anxiety of the first chakra). Eliminates the attachment to the physical body, and from attachments threaten our spiritual advancement. Favorable with respect to the spiritual forces. Connected with the Muladhara chakra and kundalini raising.


Durga Yantra



Is a joint effort of divine forces applied to the introduction and restoration of universal harmony. Transforms evil into good energy. Destroys the poverty, misery, hunger, bad habits, disease, sin, injustice, anti-religion, cruelty and laziness. Brings the state of serenity and purity.

Ganesh Yantra




Ganesha — the god of all things, wisdom and prudence. Eliminates prepyadstvy before dela. Ganesha submits false vanity, pride, selfishness, impertinence. It soothes the rational mind (left hemisphere of the brain), dispels all doubts, gives firmness.     More…

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