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The Beautiful Art of Healing — Reiki


Healing effect: healing music for reiki, soothing, relax, stress relief.


36 minutes of Reiki music perfect for healing and treatment, with bells every 3 minutes for position changes.


Various Music Mosaic Artists — Healing Sounds

Healing effect: healing music for massage, Reiki, energy work, balancing and meditation

Be touched by the soothing sounds of flute, clarinet, harp, piano and guitar…relax into a gentle place of flowing harmony and allow the healing to occur… More…

Angelight — Spa Music «Relax & Rest»


Healing effect: relax, stress management, rest, recreation

Close Your eyes for a minute, and image Yourself deeping into a warm sea waves to take pleasure and feel in Your body for a long time forgotten sensation of a full relaxation which isn’t peculiar to a rhythm of city life. More…

Anjey Satori — Healing: Rhythm of the Earth



 Healing Effect: healing vibrations, stress management, recovery, meditative state, increase in vital energy

Album “Healing: Rhythm of the Earth” contains a recording of meditative music, which was modeled with 7,83 Ghz frequency. Artificially made generation of this frequency can bring human body to conformity of the Earth’s resonance. This frequency calms down human brain and in the same time stimulates it. Researchers notice here a peculiarity of the form of brain’s synchronization.     More…

Anjey Satori — Relax with Forest



Healing effect: relaxation,  relief from stress and rest

Sounds of the Nature for relaxation and meditation. Relax while you listen to the sounds of forest.     More…

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