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Healing effect: healing, soothing, relaxation music.

Beyond the sky, you will see your original self.


Angelight — The Surf Song/ Magic Wood

Healing effect: relax, healing, favorable influence on heart

(Favorable influence on the general condition)
Sea waves by themselves will bring You the power of nature being rolled on coast from boundless sea open spaces. Instant Yourself in sounds of a silent lullaby which sings to You the surf… More…

Anjey Satori — Relax with Ocean



Healing effect: relaxation, deep relaxation, stress relief, recreation

Sound of the surf, sounds of dolphins and whales, honks of mews, along with relaxing music playing on the background create a harmonic and relaxing atmosphere.    More…

Anjey Satori — Best for Meditation



Healing effect:  therapeutic meditative state, deep rest, theta rhythms, stress relief

Music for meditation, stress relief    More…

Anjey Satori — Sounds of Nature for Meditation



Healing effect:  meditation and deep relaxation, sedation, soothing, Thetha rhythms

Slow flowing synth music flows and changes shape to adjust the body to a meditative state of relaxation and restoration of power.   More…

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