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The Beautiful Art of Healing — Reiki


Healing effect: healing music for reiki, soothing, relax, stress relief.


36 minutes of Reiki music perfect for healing and treatment, with bells every 3 minutes for position changes.


Various Music Mosaic Artists — Healing Sounds

Healing effect: healing music for massage, Reiki, energy work, balancing and meditation

Be touched by the soothing sounds of flute, clarinet, harp, piano and guitar…relax into a gentle place of flowing harmony and allow the healing to occur… More…

Angelight — The Surf Song/ Magic Wood

Healing effect: relax, healing, favorable influence on heart

(Favorable influence on the general condition)
Sea waves by themselves will bring You the power of nature being rolled on coast from boundless sea open spaces. Instant Yourself in sounds of a silent lullaby which sings to You the surf… More…

Angelight — Spa Music «Relax & Rest»


Healing effect: relax, stress management, rest, recreation

Close Your eyes for a minute, and image Yourself deeping into a warm sea waves to take pleasure and feel in Your body for a long time forgotten sensation of a full relaxation which isn’t peculiar to a rhythm of city life. More…

Mandala Healing and Health


Mandala Healing and Health — by Olga Angelovski

Energy Healing and Health. Matrix emits vibrations of color and energy healing the physical body.

You can download Madala in good quality and then printed on the website http://mandalas.kroogi.com/
Download free, but it would be nice if you thanked the author and pay what realties amount of donation

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