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Liquid Bloom — Shaman’s Eye: Healing Rhythms for Trance Meditation

Healing effect: spiritual healing music, Self-realizations.

Throughout human history and across most native traditions, constant repetitive rhythms and the steady drone of chanting have carried shamans and other spiritual seekers into other dimensions in ecstatic trance.


Punit Yaatri — The Voyage of Love


Healing effect: relax, opening of a heart,  filled with love, emotional healing

This music is for all those who seek a deeper connection to their spiritual essence, those who wish to experience the vibration of Love, those who wish to know themselves more deeply and for those who wish to experience their own multi-dimensional nature and be able to access easily and effortlessly at will. More…

Anjey Satori — Journey into Subconscious



Healing effect:  immersion in a trance, hypnosis, catharsis, a cleansing of emotions, psychotherapy

The meaning of this album was to go through their subconscious fears and complexes, and then transformed into positive energy, to meet with your higher self and to achieve harmony and balance    More…

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