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The Beautiful Art of Healing — Reiki


Healing effect: healing music for reiki, soothing, relax, stress relief.


36 minutes of Reiki music perfect for healing and treatment, with bells every 3 minutes for position changes.


Echad — Chakra Massage

Healing effect: healing music for chakras, chakra massage.


Each Chakra Massage song is made in the corresponding tune (frequency range) that it is designed to promote.


Liquid Bloom — Shaman’s Eye: Healing Rhythms for Trance Meditation

Healing effect: spiritual healing music, Self-realizations.

Throughout human history and across most native traditions, constant repetitive rhythms and the steady drone of chanting have carried shamans and other spiritual seekers into other dimensions in ecstatic trance.



Healing effect: healing, soothing, relaxation music.

Beyond the sky, you will see your original self.


Peter Davison — Yoga

Healing effect: healing and soothing music for yoga.

Created to inspire your yoga practice, this special collection is offered in the healing music spirit in which it was created. More…

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